NSO - International Office


NSO’s focus is Schoolleadership and educational management. In the Netherlands we offer the accredited programme for school leaders: Master of Educational Management (MEM). International cooperation - with ministries of education, universities and Education Management Development Organizations (EMDOs) - is fully embedded in our organization and working tradition for over 25 years. Click here for our international track record on capacity building in school leadership and educational management. NSO is partner in the European Policy Network on School Leadership (EPNoSL). For an example of current capacity building: Project Master Educational Leadership in Serbia.

Core activities

NSO internationalization affairs are administered in the NSO International Office:

§   International cooperation in higher education and research on school leadership. (Erasmus + and other donor frameworks). Main topics: System leadership, Distributed leadership, Connecting Schools to Society, Local Leadership.
§   Mobility of our master-students and staff.
§   Capacity building projects on school leadership and educational management.
§   Internationalization in Netherlands schools: consulting on strategy, policy and programmes.
§   Partnering with the international offices of our founding universities on internationalization issues (University of Amsterdam, Radboud University Nijmegen, Leiden University, Utrecht University, VU University Amsterdam).



Are you interested in our work or do you want more information on cooperation possibilities with your organization then contact NSO International office:

Mr. Frans A. Grobbe MSc (Head International office). 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.